Company Profile

PT Warnatama Cemerlang began in 1996 as a pioneering businesses engaged in manufacturing quality paints, thinners and inks to meet the needs of industry and decoration. Over time we have developed and with our dedication to provide the best, PT Warnatama Cemerlang Paint is now a reliable company that constantly seeks to improve quality and efficiency through use of the latest technology.
The main concept behind our “Go Green” policy is that PT Warnatama Cemerlang always considers the balance of nature, and through quality products and environmentally friendly practices we strive to create equality between technology and nature.
“Quality is Everything” is the motto of PT Warnatama Cemerlang. Through this motto, PT Warnatama Cemerlang hope to provide the best, to inspire and to realize your dreams for a richer and more meaningful life with our range of products created to the best possible quality.

For more than a decade PT Warnatama Cemerlang has grown rapidly by expanding our network of branch offices. The history of PT Warnatama Cemerlang from year to year is as follows:
– 1996: PT Warnatama Cemerlang was established.
– 1997: Opened branch office in Jakarta
– 1998: Opened branch offices in Semarang and Jepara.
– 1999: Re-opened branch office in Cirebon.
– 2000: Branch offices opened in Medan, Palembang and Bali.
– 2002: Started developing retail business.
– 2006: Started developing Industrial Ink business, and moved to a new factory in Gresik, East Java.
– 2009: Opened branch office in Makassar.
– 2010: Began to penetrate Epoxy Floor Coating market.
– 2011: Entered the Marine Paint industry and began ship painting services
– 2012: Opened branch office in Bandung.